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We created a magical synergy with a jewelry process and Mexican leather craftsmanship. This bag is perfect for any oc...


We created a magical synergy with a jewelry process and Mexican leather craftsmanship.

This bag is perfect for any occasion. Its spacious interior includes multiple compartments and pockets, providing ample room for all of your daily essentials. While the bohemian-inspired tassel adds a touch of whimsy to your look. Upgrade your style with the Boho Gilded Lure.

Embrace the mystical power of your hands with the Gilded Lure Bag. Crafted with timeless design and quality, this bag is a true gem that celebrates the ancient art of chiromancy. The intricate and alluring hand-shaped hardware is inspired by palm reading and will surely captivate the imaginations of all who behold it.

Just as ancient astrologers established connections between the cosmos and the earth, palm readers observe how the attributes of the hands connect to more important themes. The palm is seen as a microorganism of the universe, reflecting the esoteric axiom "As above, so below."

With versatility in mind, this bag includes a long leather strap for crossbody or shoulder wear. And for those who dare to add a hint of wildness to their style, a chain strap with captivating charms is available for separate purchase.

The Gilded Lure Bag is more than just a statement piece; it's an ode and celebration to the mystical power that our hands give us.


· Dimensions: 29 cm x 19 cm x 12 cm
· Exterior:Bovine leather with lizard texture
· Interior: cotton lining
· 24k gold plated hardware
· Long leather strap: 108 cm
· Made in Mexico 


Hands signify the sovereign, and are symbols of our existence. Where our psychological characteristics are sealed.

They embody effectiveness, adaptation, self expression and the possession of a will for creative … and destructive ends.

They speak with eloquent silence, and manifest our love, prayers & mind. 

They are both lightning rods of psychic energy & most of all, they are our most faithful servants.

The gilded Lure is the mystic tool you need to tell without speaking who you and your beliefs are. It is inspired by chiromancy, the ancient art of foretelling by reading the palm.


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