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INDIGOLUSH is a Mexican accessories brand for brazen personalities, daring & eager to show.
We find LUSH in bohemian mysterious nuances that evoke our senses.
The sight, the touch, the smell & the sound that continuously feature in each of our products have a meaning.
Make a statement out of it. 
We seek hidden gems in the universe. We are all stardust.
Transfixed by its magical movement & cultures through the ages.
Ohhh those ancient times. We are hopeless romantics for them.
We believe in the power of day by day charms & the power of a soul´s personality as the greatest beauty.
We are constantly looking for the most genuine version of ourselves.
Indigolush is rich in personality, sensual, luxurious, mysterious, mystical & even spiritual.
That is who we are. That is what LUSH is.
Who are you? Dare to be lush?
You can SHOP NOW custumized leather goods, & unique jewelry.

Premium Mexican cow hide leather is conditioned in Leon and then shipped to Guadalajara to enter the manufacturing process. Our leather products are conceived, hand-made and detailed in Mexico. 

Mariana, a Mexican born designer, she instills courage and passion to every accessory she creates.
She is a leather lover, hardware junkie and extravagant dresser that never takes anything for granted.

Ancient culture and life’s greatest mysteries flood/fill her mind and invigorate her soul, always pouring through her creations.
Talented and classy, her designs will always find a place in the hearts of strong, confident and independent women.