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The Gilded Lure Black Coco B

Hands signify the sovereign, and are symbols of our existence. Where our psychological characteristics are sealed.

They embody effectiveness, adaptation, self expression and the possession of a will for creative … and destructive ends.

They speak with eloquent silence, and manifest our love, prayers & mind. 

They are both lightning rods of psychic energy & most of all, they are our most faithful servants.

The gilded Lure is the mystic tool you need to tell without speaking who you and your beliefs are. It is inspired by quiromancy, the ancient art of foretelling by reading the palm.


Bolso rectangular de piel negra con textura.
Herraje con forma de mano (chapeado en oro de 24k)

· Dimensiones: 24 x 17 x 7 cm (max. 9cm)
· Correa de hombro: 100 cm
· Correa de mano: 36cm
· Cierre de imán interior
· 2 compartimentos y 2 bolsillos interiores
· Bolso hecho en México
· Forro de piel y algodón



BASIC: 2 asas de piel
STELLAR STRAP: Strap de piel coco con estrellas doradas + 2 asas sencillas de piel (larga y corta)
METAL STRAP: Strap de cadena dorada planchada + 2 asas sencillas de piel (larga y corta)

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